Sunday, 29 September 2019

Some Quick Tips For Winter Camping In An RV For Beginners

Are you camping in the summer and have you decided to try it in winter? Here are some basic tips for you that you should not forget if you want to run a winter camping in an Rv.

1. Remember to have winter tires and snow chains on the vehicle. You never know when you need them. Of course, a snow shovel is also useful, especially if you fit in. Click here: for details.

2. If you have any hose or hose that is out of service - replace it. In the frosts can crack even more and cause many inconveniences.

3. If you are going on a journey, at least a little heating of the RV and do not forget to open all lockers. This will prevent condensation of water that may have accumulated in the RV during prolonged parking. The use of a dehumidifier should be a matter of course. You can buy it in any hobby market.

4. Regarding the waste water tank, it is important that there is a means to prevent it from freezing. Often salt is used, or in the worst case Fridex. For a trailer, it is recommended to leave the tank open and collect the water in an external container, which must be poured out after each use to prevent the water from freezing. The most ideal is when you have a heated waste tank.

5. Do not forget to lubricate all seals (both at the door and in the windows) with a suitable agent. We use silicone oil.

6. Do not forget to carry gas bottles containing propane! Also make sure you have enough. In average winter temperatures it is said that gas consumption is about 3 kg per day. It's also nice to have DuoControl. Thanks to it you will not have to run in the night frost change gas bottle.

7. Be sure to carry a snow shovel with you. Both freshly attacked and melting. It may happen that you arrive at a selected place where the snow is beautifully “covered”, the temperature changes and the thaw begins. This allows you to have a “pond” in front of your RV, which you will need to empty with a shovel. If you do not do this, you will not only wade through the water during the day, but will certainly freeze during the night and you will have quite a decent skating rink around the RV in the morning.

8. When camping with an RV, be sure to support your legs with a wide enough board. This will prevent the feet from snagging in the case of a suit.

9. Keep in mind that snow removal equipment may be passing by. Always stand so that you do not obstruct.

10. If you are using the power cord, check that it is not covered by snow and does not get into the snow melting connections.

11. Also remember the winter refrigerator covers. This will ensure its proper functioning.

12. Ventilate the RV sufficiently. Especially in the morning, when during the night, thanks to the breathing of the crew, it condenses a large amount of water.

13. Place rugs on the floor. This is especially true if you do not have a winter packet.

14. Remember to insulate the cab. You can use both an outer insulation “jacket” and an inner insulation partition. It depends on what type of motor home you have.

15. Remember to check the moisture in the corner of the mattress. Especially in older types of RVs, there is a risk that water will condense in the corners due to the different temperatures outside and inside. If this happens, dry everything immediately and ventilate the RV.

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